The HSM-X is HEADROOM Broadcast’s modular system for redundancy and conversion of audio, video, telecom and network signals.

Offering a broad choice of modules, redundant power supplies and today’s management interfaces (SNMP/HTTP) it gives you an excellent solution for signal back-up or conversion. Build the redundancy and conversion layer in your infrastructure to your needs with less work on the umbrella management system than with the usual manufacturer mix.

  • All modules work independently. The system controller SMI-X cannot block the functions of switch modules.
  • Backup switches provide a power-down bypass based on high quality relays. In case of total supply loss the actual signal path is maintained – no “Single-Point-of-Failure”.
  • Only front access: module swap and signal connection, back to back rack mounting possible


  • Splitters provide a power-down bypass based on high-quality relays. In case of total supply loss the input signal is routed to output no. 1 – no “Single-Point-of-Failure”.
  • Signal detection with the usual loss of signal and also specific signal dependent criteria
  • PLL-reclocker and signal recovery on the active path thru the module
  • Passive cooling, no fan monitoring and maintenance needed

HSM-X module highlights:

  • optical backup switches for 3G/HD/SD-SDI [OVS-X], MADI [OSMADI-X] or STM1
  • 8x AES3 over one fiber; transparent and clock independent [OTX/ORX8A-X]
  • Ethernet redundancy switch with relay protection [FES-X]

Automatic Backup Switches

Input signal monitoring
Automatic and manual switching
Relay protected signal path (last input kept alive)
Equalization and reclocking

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Splitter / Distribution Amplifier / Repeater

Relay protected signal path to 1st output
Input signal monitoring
Equalization and reclocking

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Converter and Special Function Modules

Digital <–> Analog
Electrical <–> Optical
Signal Monitors

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SMI-X Managment Module

Management and Monitoring

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19″ 3RU Shelfs


1x SMI-X
2x PSU (AC or DC)
10 HSM-X Modules


1x SMI-X
2x PSU (AC or DC)
7 HSM Modules with Adapt-X


currentless shelf
12 passive HSM-X Modules


19″ 1RU Shelf for
1x SMI-X
2x PSU (AC or DC)
1 Module


19″ 1RU Shelf for
1x SMI-X (4TE version)
2x PSU (AC or DC)
3 special 4TE Modules (not all HSM-X modules are available for this)

PB1-X 4TE Shelf for HSM-X
(click to enlarge)