FES X Block

FES-X 10/100Base-T Ethernet Redundancy Switch for HSM-X

The FES-X is a backup switch for 100Base-TX links. It switches automatically and/or manually controlled by the system controller (SNMP/web). For autoswitching it uses a Link up/down monitor and a software selectable activity monitoring is employed.

The user can read the net input transmit bitrate per input and set the activity threshold accordingly with 100kBits/s granularity.

The FES-X has no MAC addresses on its ports it is completely transparent for the connected devices. The last set route is hold through powerfail bypass relays. So there is no single point of failure!

The FESd-X offers a user adjustable delay in output transmit directon of up to 1.34 seconds. This delay can be used for compensating network latency or adding a launch offset for one transmit path.

  • 100Base-T Ethernet Backup Switch
  • Relay protected signal path – no single point of failure
  • Transparent (no MAC addresses on its ports)
  • Switch on link loss or low data rate
  • Net data rate monitoring in web gui (SMI-X controller)


  • Backward output to inputs data distribution – the module can be used as a splitter

  new and available now: FESd-X:

  • Data delay in input to output direction
  • Used for latency compensation or launch offset
  • Delay adjustable from 0 to 1.34 seconds

[  Download Datasheet]


Example use case – IP redundancy with single up-link