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The HEADROOM Broadcast MOD-S Audio Backup Switch protects your FM distribution

Initially planned as a successor of the aged Rudolph Mod.Umschalter SMB 01-V it covers much more than those basic features:

  • Selectable analog or digital inputs on XLR for Main and Backup input. (Both can be set individually)
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • RMS Measurement on all inputs simoultaniously
  • Autoswitching based on user configurable thresholds
  • SNMP and comfortable Web interface for monitoring and configuration
  • Power fail protected signal pass thru over bypass relays

[See the product page for more details and documentation]


HEADROOM Broadcast released more products for MADI:

accompanying our E/O/E converters and passive optical splitters we added power-fail protected electrical and optical switches (ESMADI-X and OSMADI-X) and a protected electrical splitter/DA (EVMADI-X).
These devices will be available for our HSM-X System and automatically benefit from it’s features like web/SNMP control and redundant PSUs. They will also be available in simple 19″ boxes with or without redundant PSU and/or SNMP to fit your budget.